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Saturday 31 December 2011

My New Sigma Makeup Brushes!!

As I showed in my previous post on some of my Christmas presents, I very excitingly got Sigma brushes. I am going to make a shocking confession - before these I did not actually own, or use, any make up brushes (except for a super cheap blusher brush and a Sephora powder brush I bought, oh, ten years ago??). I didn't really feel like I needed them, until I read a post on Amy's blog Beauty Boutique about Sigma brushes. I instantly knew I NEEDED them in my life. And when there was free international shipping on Black Friday, I knew this was a sign!! I ordered the Sigma Essential Kit which contains 12 professional make up brushes (Five for face, seven for eyes).

It would have been awesome if I could review each brush here, but I've not actually used them yet. Ha. The reason for that is it comes with this little card.

Being a complete make up brush novice, I hadn't anticipated on having to wash my brushes before I even used them! It was a few days before I got to the shops to buy some baby shampoo to clean them in, so that's why I haven't used them yet.

But more on that in a moment! First, a wee introduction to these lovely brushes: they all come in a protective plastic wrapper, and the big brushes also have little covers for their heads.

They are sooo soft and lovely! Here are the eye brushes:

And the face brushes:

Some brushes are natural hair, some are synthetic and some are a combination of both. Each brush has a number and its basic use on the handle, e.g.

And if you need more info, it also comes with a super handy mini brush guide!

I am sooo excited to start using these, heard such good things about Sigma!

So, back to the washing fiasco. I wasn't altogether sure how to wash my brushes, so I went for this little routine:
  1. Put a blob of shampoo on my hand
  2. Wet brush under tap with luke warm water (don't let water touch handle)
  3. Swish the brush into the shampoo and swirl it around until it foams
  4. Rinse under the water until all the shampoo rinses out
  5. Blot dry with a paper towel
  6. Reshape and leave to dry
All freshly washed

I'd heard not to sit them upright as the water runs back into the handle and can rot it or dislodge the glue and make the bristles fall out. I'd also heard not to lay them on their sides as some water can still go back in. So, upside down it would have to be!

The bigger brushes were easy enough because I just put their brush covers on them and put them in a cup, but the smaller brushes involved me making a contraption out of bobbles and a hairband and hanging them from my wardrobe.
It's been about 24 hours since my first brush cleaning adventure and I was really wanting to use them for tonight... hurry up and DRY!!
I'll do Part Two of this post soon hopefully, with my review of how awesome (or not) I think the brushes actually are and also how useful they are so stay tuned. =p
Hope you all have a fabulous Hogmanay tonight!! Can't wait to read all the posts about it and can't wait to wear my sequin dress y'all voted for here!
Have you tried Sigma brushes? Did I clean my brushes the right way?? Do make up brushes really make a difference to your make up routine?
Let me know!!
~ Lauren


  1. Lauren, I'm so excited that you got them!! Don't feel bad about not having brushes before; I'm not sure I even have a complete set, I just pick up cheap ones here and there when I need them lol. Hope you get to use them soon!!!:)

  2. Haha this made me laugh!!! I wasnt aware I needed to wash my brushes until I saw a blog post! Bleurgh. It actually takes forever doesnt it?! So frustrating. Enjoy using them though xx

  3. Great post, I love my sigma brushes! I hate cleaning all my brushes, so annoying
    Lucy xx

  4. @K - They are aaaalmost dry so I'm defo using them tonight! Can't wait! Aw, glad to hear I'm not alone with my lack of brush set! =p

    @Soph - haha, seriously - the two brushes I have have never been washed! Oops!!

    @Lucy - It takes soo long but hopefully it'll be worth it when they are dry! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  5. Hey Lauren how much are these brushes? Like you I've heard rave reviews but never taken the plunge!

    Please follow my blog, I'm new to all of this!!

    Lots of love Claire x

  6. Congrats on getting your first makeup brushes! You chose a great set. I'll give you a word of warning about that baby shampoo... for several months my face broke out like crazy with little pimples and I couldn't figure out what it was. I'm 27, I'm not supposed to suddenly get acne! Anyhow, once I stopped washing my brushes with baby shampoo, my face began to clear up. It may not affect you like it did me, but just keep an eye out!

  7. @Claire - the site is , there's lots of different sets. I think my set has been reduced, it works out about £60 now but I paid more grr! =p I'll defo check your blog out. ^_^

    @Jenn - I did actually check some youtube videos after I washed them to see if I'd done it right and I saw that you can mix olive oil and washing up liquid, so I might try that next time! :)

    ~ Lauren <3

  8. I love the look of these! So professional and perfect looking! Also love how detailed your posts are :) you properly get a feel for what you're showing!

    Happy New Year babe :)


  9. Haha, thank you Sarah! Or is that code for I rabbit on too much lol?? They really are so professional looking, I feel like a pro using them when in reality I have nooo idea! =p

    Happy New Year! ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  10. I recently bought some sigma brushes too and they are amazzzzzing! Absolutely Love them! Xxx.

  11. They're such good quality for the price! I've now done a review of both face and eye brushes if you want to check them out. ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  12. gosh i love your set i think i deffo going to take the plunge and buy some xxx

  13. Great post i dry mine by placing a towel down and roll each end, i lay the brushes vertical on the rolled towell, any remaining water can then run downwards. Ax


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