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Saturday 14 July 2012

Bikiiiiiiniiiiiiis!! A selection I have bought. =p

So I booked up a last minute holiday, and of course this means BIKINIS. Now, I used to be a wee stick when I was younger and the bikini posed no threat - however now I am a 'curvy woman' (haha trying to justify becoming fat) the mere thought of one fills me with fear. I am pear shaped, so I set out to try and buy some figure flattering two pieces.

Don't worry, I am obv not going to post photos of myself in the bikinis on the internet - I am all too aware how that could end up! So here they are all by themselves (you'll just have to imagine them on).

These are my selection from Primark:

Top to Bottom Prices:
Multicoloured Bikini - £5 top, £3 bottoms
Floral Bikini - £7 set

And my selection from New Look:

These are all Kelly Brook bikinis, I love her designs in New Look, I love the pin-up style! I think they're perfect for curvier girls and luckily a lot of them were in the sale!

Top to Bottom Prices:
White Travel Print Bikini - top: £16.99 but in sale for £12.99; bottoms: £9.99 but in sale for £7.75
Blue Floral Bikini - top: £16.99 but in sale for £6.00; bottoms: ££8.99 but in sale for £3.00,
Pink Bottoms (couldn't get a top, just gonna get a wee cheap pink or white one!) - £8.99 but in sale for £4.00

And Tesco (yes, really):

They are both a bit sparkly which makes me happy. :)

Top to Bottom Prices:
Orange Striped Bikini - Top: £7; bottoms: £5
Floral Bikini - Top: £9; bottoms: £5

What is your favourite? Do you have any tips for figure flattering bikinis? Or any quick weight loss ideas haha?!
Let me know!
~ Lauren ♥
The Cosmetics Kitten


  1. Great selection. Love the first one. My mum got me the pink Kelly brooke one for my birthday. I'm pear shaped too and its so flattering on x

    1. I loved them, they made me feel a bit more confident and I got them on sale - yay! :)

      ~ Lauren <3

  2. I got the 1st one from Primark for my holiday, don't know whether it was just me but it made my boobs look huge! I love the stripey one from Tescos, wish i'd gone there for mine :)

    Georgie <3

    1. Haha yes it did with me too and I don't have the biggest boobs so it was quite nice hah! =p

      ~ Lauren <3


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