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Monday 15 October 2012

The Cosmetics Kitten's Diary :) --October 14th--

Hi guys! I am thinking of starting a feature on my blog which is a bit more 'lifestyley' than what I normally do. I'll still do reviews, OOTDs etc like normal, but once a week I'm going to do a little diary entry on what I've been up to the past week! We'll see how it goes, but I'd love to do it every Sunday. Through chatting in #bbloggers it seems people love having a nosy at lifestyle posts, so here goes!!
The Cosmetics Kitten's Diary
What have I been up to this week?
Last weekend was so much fun, on Friday night my boyfriend Scott and I went to my best friend Heather's flat to catch up with her and her boyfriend. It was long overdue! She'd recently adopted two bunnies so I got to meet them....
Cute bunnies! 
And give lots of love and cuddles to her amazing dog, Cody. Now Cody is a 'clearance puppy'. He may be a Chihuahua, but he thinks he's a cat, is the fluffiest thing ever, and most hysterically, has a tongue that he can't keep in his mouth.
That tongue is like that ALL THE TIME. He makes me laugh so much.
On Saturday night, my aunt and uncle joined us for a murder mystery evening with my parents and Scott. I'm no stranger to murder mystery parties, I've done loads, and blogged about one HERE.
They're great fun, I thoroughly recommend it!
And how was work?
In case you don't know, I'm a teacher. A primary teacher, but right now I'm working in a nursery. Obviously I can't give too much info about that (always the fear of being cyber stalked!!), but sometimes I have to share funny stories! For example:
Me: Who's got news?
Boy: Me! I do! I'm going on holiday!!
Me: Lucky you, where are you going?
Boy: Uhm... I think it's 'Blackpool'... No, wait, it's BLUEPOOL!!!
I honestly couldn't stop laughing. He was determined he's going to Bluepool. Who knew?
I got sent home on Wed with a tummy bug and didn't go in Thurs or Fri so it was a short week, I felt lousy tho!! Feeling better now. :)
And how are the cats?
For someone who is a self confessed crazy cat lady, I don't feel I give my cats enough blog time. They are literally my BABIES. This week, Dana has learnt where her treats are, and jumps up onto the kitchen counter, knocks them off, and opens the packet on the floor to eat at her leisure.
But who can resist that face (and slightly chubby body)??
Anything else?
Well, yes. My boyfriend Scott sold his car (he's unemployed - sadface) so he had a bit of money. So yesterday we went into Glasgow to go shopping and have dinner. I got some lovely stuff which I'll share with you in other posts. Here's some pics from our day:
MUA Constellations in Scorpio, my new cat hat and kitten mittens, strawberry daiquiris in TGIs, me drinking cocktails, a gorg bag I resisted, Scott and I in TGIs, me at dinner. :)
Well, what do you think of this feature guys? Too boring? I don't have the most exciting life haha! Would you enjoy reading something like this?
Let me know!

~ Lauren ♥
The Cosmetics Kitten


  1. Like this idea and it's always nice to feel like you know the person as well as what they review. Keep it up! :)


    1. Thank you! I know a lot of people like to read lifestyle posts. :)

      ~ Lauren <3

  2. Aw this is a lovely post, would definitely read them more often :) xx

  3. PS those bunnies are ADORABLE!! (So is Dana ;)) xx

    1. Haha yes, they are all cuties! =p

      ~ Lauren <3

  4. Yeahh we're all a bit nosy really. Awww i miss my tortoise shell cat :( but Dana makes up for it :) glad you're feeling better!

    Lauren xxx

  5. Like these types of post since I'm so nosey haha! Cody is actually the cutest little thing ever haha!xx

  6. I love these kinds of posts! It's nice to know more about the people whose blogs you read every day!

    That dog is HILARIOUS with its crazy tongue! xxx

  7. oh my so many little cute animals! My sister has a lop bunny :)

    following you from #bbloggers chat would love if you could visit us at

    1. I know, I love animals. Can't resist taking and sharing photos!!

      ~ Lauren <3

  8. Ilove reading lifey posts so I'm all for this feature. It makes a blog so much more interesting when you get to know the blogger a bit too :)
    Mel x


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