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Sunday 11 December 2011

Oldies but Goodies!

I'm trying to tidy up my room for Christmas, and it is a battle and a half. I'm not the tidiest of people (understatement of the year) and my room usually resembles a floordrobe/ homeless person's collection of worldly goods. I'm rubbish at throwing things out and I'm rubbish at putting things away, and it's a lethal combo.

So I'm moving all my make up from boxes on the floor to my dressing table (yes, this is the most obvious call in the world) and suddenly I'm glad I'm a hoarder! I rediscovered so many pieces of make up which I had totally forgotten about but used to love. So I'm dedicating a wee post to them.

Look! How exciting! Dior lipstick, Benefit powder eyeshadow, Sephora Primer and moooore! I used to use all of these and then they got ignored when I got newer, more exciting products. But now I'll defo be using them again!

Look at this!! I do not even remember buying any Bare Minerals and I have three mini foundations, a mini blusher, a mini 'mineral veil' and two little brushes! I'm a bit unsure of Bare Minerals to be honest, I guess I don't see how a powder can provide decent coverage, but I know people swear by it!

I found some items I bought, and never even used (apart from maybe once or twice to test). I was thinking of maybe doing a blog sale, would anyone be interested?

Look at all these barely used Benefit goodies!

And Rimmel stuffs!
... aaaand Bourjois eyeshadows!
And this is just a combo of MAC, Clarins, Urban Decay, Biotherm and others. I have been swearing down dead that I'm a MAC virgin, so this kind of surprised me too!

So all in all, actually quite a successful day! =p

The only things I wouldn't be willing to sell probably would be the things in the first picture, the Sexy Mother Pucker in the last picture, the little mini Bourjois eyeshadows (just discovered them and they're so cute!) and maaaaybe the Bare Minerals if I can be bothered finding out more about how this range works.

Have you ever 'reaquinted' yourself with make up you'd forgotten about? Did you ever/ do you still use the products I rediscovered? Would you be interested in a blog sale?
Let me know!

~ Lauren ♥


  1. I have SO many items of clothing / makeup / shoes that I've brought and are in perfect condition that Ive just barely (or indeed not at all) worn! Ahh girl problems :p ha-ha


  2. It's ridiculous! My sister loooves it tho cause she doesn't buy as much make up as I do and when she comes to visit I just let her help herself to all the stuff I've bought and never used! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  3. Wow so jealous of all the things you have found! That has made me decide to search my room from top to bottom for that bottle of moonbeam! The ghost aint keeping it! Hopefully I will find loads of treasures I had forgotten about too :)

  4. You've found some gems here! Wish the same would happen to me! x

  5. You've inspired me, I've been putting off tidying my room all day. I always seem to find more interesting stuff I want to do but its so satisfying to see it all cleaned up x

  6. @Larry - haha, you WILL find the Moonbeam! You'll probably find it when you're not even looking for it! =p

    @Elissa - I'm really bad for buying stuff 'just because' - it's probably not a good thing I have so many unused products lying around lol!!

    @Lisa - I say I tidied my room, I didn't reaaally.. I put all my clothes away and got distracted by the make up! I know what you mean tho, it's so goodd when it's all tidy, I just hate doing it!! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  7. haha your cleaning habits sound just like mine! We're having family over for christmas eve, and I'm so hesitant to clean my room because it'll be a week long affair. For the bareminerals- it really works wonders, and I also swear by it. I have tried other mineral foundations and they come no where near bare minerals.

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  8. @Jenna - ooh, maybe I will give the Bare Minerals a go! I remember buying a starter set ages ago, but I didn't know it came with all that stuff lol! Quite excited to try it now. =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  9. I have far too much makeup, it takes up many draws and it's scattered all over my room haha..well...can you really have too much? It's like an addiction. I need to try Bare Minerals sometime though, i've heard it's not bad.

    Lovely blog, I'm following :)


  10. Wow, that's a lot of good stuff you found! I'm always finding things at the bottom of my makeup drawers that I'd forgotten about because I'm always getting something new. I'm going on a shopping strike until I empty a few things out! Lol.

    Mina -

  11. Very interested in a blog sale!
    You found some great things, im always losing things and just leaving them, think i need to do something like this!

  12. @Miss Vanity - thank you for following! I know, I don't really believe you can have too much make up either! =p

    @Mina - I'm thinking of taking a spending strike too! I always get so easily persuaded when I see a promotion or a good review!!

    @Zoe - I think I might do a blog sale anyways, it can't hurt right?? So keep an eye out. ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  13. love the blog girl!
    so pretty and feminine!

    happy holidays <3
    follow eachother?

  14. I love stumbling on items that I had forgotten, it's like going shopping all over again! ahahah =)
    I really love that Rimmel Natural Bronzer, I have it at home & use it all the time in the summer. It goes on so smoothly and gives a nice shimmer without looking unnatural.

    The Urban Umbrella

  15. @devorelebeaumonstre - Thank you. ^_^

    @Jasmine - Thank you so much! I will defo check your blog out. ^_^

    @TheUrbanUmberella - You're so right, it's such a good feeling! Well I shall be having a blog sale soon and I'll probs be selling that, think it's unused, so keep an eye out! =p

    ~ Lauren <3


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