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♥ The Boring Bits ♥
Hi! Thanks for reading my blog. My name is Lauren Blair and my real job is a Primary Teacher, although blogging is a lot less stressful haha! I live near Glasgow, in Scotland, but I can't wait to get out of here! I blog about cosmetics, nail products and general beauty products, and also about clothes and sometimes jewellery. Just your standard beauty blogger fare - reviews, how to's, hauls, OOTD, NOTD etc. :)

♥ Why I Started Blogging ♥
I started blogging because cosmetics are something I've always been passionate about, I had a lot of free time as I was out of work, and I was honoured to become a member of More! Magazine's Beauty Hot 100. A lot of the other members had amazing blogs and I wanted to join in!! I never read, or was even really aware of, beauty blogs before starting my own. But now I love them! The blogging community is awesome.

♥ The Journey of My Blog So Far ♥
This was my first post and I did a tag on 15 interesting facts about me when I was first starting. I began my blog in October 2011, and it was originally called Cosmetics, Kittens and Classrooms as I thought I'd be talking a lot about animals (I was volunteering in an animal shelter) and teaching, but turns out I mostly blog about beauty with only a bit of personal life thrown in. So I held a poll with different blog name ideas and 'The Cosmetics Kitten' won. It's still very 'me'. :)
I try to blog 2-3 times a week, and every single post I I am 100% happy with when I post it. I never blog for the sake of getting a post. I LOVE my followers and when people leave comments - it really makes my day.

♥ Fun Things About Me ♥
(what does that say about me?? =p)

~ Lauren ♥

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