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Sunday 2 December 2012

Sunkissed Products & November Empties!

First of all, thanks sooo much for all your kind words about me starting YouTube. It was pretty scary but I'm gonna keep it up because the support has been amazing! You can check out my first video here and I now have a new video out, my November Empties:
But on to the main point of this post!
I am a huuuge lover of golds and shimmers with my makeup, and tend to stick to my favourite shades in the Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes. I also fake tan fairly regularly, I just love to have a tan. So when Sunkissed contacted me to see if I wanted to create a party look with some of their products, I was pretty excited! They're cruelty free, of course. :)
This is what I received:
A palette with 10 eyeshadows, two bronzer/blushers, three lip colours, a mascara and some brushes.
The eyeshadows are lovely! They are shimmery and pigmented and the colours blend so nicely together. There are two kind of colour schemes - golds and pinks, which are both favourites of mine!
Left - without flash, right - with flash
Top photos are with flash, bottom without. No shades have names.
I'm not a huuuge fan of lip colours in a palette, the three colours in the set are all pretty, but quite sheer and I don't like having to use a lip brush.
Left with natural light, right with flash
 I have to say I also really dislike the mascara, it does nothing for me!!
The highlighter is a bit of a surprise, it looks very pale but actually swatches darker. I'd be a bit reluctant to use too much of the bronzer and highlighter as my face would probably look like a disco ball, they're very shimmery!
Left with natural light, right with flash.

So the bottom 'highlighter' is actually more of a bronzer too. The large separate bronzer is a lot more appropriate for an all over sweep!
They were also kind enough to send a fake tan mousse, which is great!! It is quite yellow toned, which is prefect for me, and blends well and dries quickly! The best part is the SMELL! It actually smells really good, which is so rare for a fake tan. The only downside is it's not very dark, I think I'd have to apply a few layers to get the desired shade.
I messed about with the make up to create these simple looks:
 Gold shades ('scuse the brows, growing them out. =p)
 Top is gold shades, bottom is pink shades.
Full face. :)
What do you think? You can purchase Sunkissed products in or online HERE.
Do you still use fake tan in the winter? Have you tried Sunkissed products? Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel?? =p
Let me know!

~ Lauren ♥
The Cosmetics Kitten


  1. This palette looks gorgeous (as do you!) Loving your YT channel, subscribed as soon as I saw you tweet about it <3 xo

    1. Aw thank you! The palette is really pretty, it's a nice alternative to my Naked palettes! :)

      ~ Lauren <3

  2. The palette is lovely. I use bronzer all year round to give me a bit of colour otherwise I'm like a ghost. x

  3. new follower! love you blog

  4. Love the palette! I have tried that tan before as well and have to agree it's not very dark and when I put on a few to try darkening it, it turned green :( xx

  5. Ahhh, I absolutely love your blog! I've been going from post to post :)

    Enter the giveaway on my blog to win an outfit of your choice from AX Paris just in time for Christmas and New Years!

  6. What a fab palette, it look amazing! Great blog :) x

  7. I love using fake tan in winter! Makes me feel good and less bleh if you know what I mean haha Never tried Sunkissed products before, they look really good. I subbed to you YT :) Loving reading your blog! xo

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