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Tuesday 11 October 2011

Aaaand here it begins...

So... my first blog post. Never done anything like this before but NOW IS THE TIME. This is because:

a) My boyfriend Scott is working hard on his dissertation so is always super busy
b) I am psyched about being in More! Magazine's Beauty Hot 100 aaaaand
c) The Biggie - I am now unemployed.

So, let me start by giving you a little background about me - my name is Lauren, I'm 23 (ugh) and I live near Glasgow. I am also a fully qualified teacher, but because apparently my local council hate me, I don't have a job. I -am- however on the supply list. So I might have some exciting anecdotes of school days to share. Hopefully. If I ever get any work.

This is me:

Although this photo looks like it might be about five years old because I look about eight, it's actually fairly recent.

Ok, so the name of my blog - Cosmetics, Kittens & Classrooms. Well, Classrooms I've already covered, I'm a teacher and hopefully once in a blue moon I'll have funny classroom stories to share. Cosmetics is because I am a total make up junkie. It's like an addiction; I just buy stuff that looks pretty or interesting or is on offer. And then I never use it. My sister loves coming to visit cause usually I have brand new make up she can borrow steal.

Kittens is because I am quite literally a Crazy Cat Lady. I have three babies, Max, Pippa and Dana and they are spoiled rotten. Let's just say Scott is very clear where he is in the pecking order.

There they are, Pippa's up the top and she's 13, and the bottom two and Max (on right) and Dana (left) who are about four and siblings. Too cute, honestly.

Anyways, I'll be trying out and giving reviews of beauty products, as well as sharing general stories from my life. So, enjoy!

~ Lauren ♥


  1. Heyy, I got the link to your blog of the More!Magazine Hot 100 page and noticed we're both new to this blogging thing! Although by the look of yours, you've got the hang of it much quicker than me haha. Look forward to reading your other posts and btw your cats are MEGA cute! xxx

  2. Ooh, a newbie too! Thanks lol, I just googled for backgrounds and there were some websites that explained how to set it up and stuff! I'm gonna go check out your blog now. <3


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