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Thursday 20 October 2011

Graduate Fair OOTD - APOLOGIES for the photos!!!

Ok, first off, before I ever start this post, I just want to apologise whole-heartedly for the photos in this post. My camera died and I was in a rush, so I took some quickies with my phone and didn't bother looking at them until oh, five minutes ago. And they are pants. Poor quality, poor lighting, and like a big stupid I took the photo in the mirror so you can see my phone taking the pics. DUH.


Soooo, anyways...! Today I was kidnapped gently persuaded by my boyfriend Scott to attend a Graduate Fair with him. He's in his honours year at uni, and I'm an unemployed graduate, so it all seemed like a logical thing to do. Except I'm a teacher, and every single stand had to do with busines degrees. Meh.

I am like Scott's own personal PA/cheerleader though, and kept pushing him (literally) toward people to talk to. I am about half the height of him, here's a little picture to show scale:
(and I'm wearing high heels in this obv)

.. so it was like a midget pushing a giant around saying 'This is Scott! He wants to know more about your graduate scheme!!" and then jumping in the convo with my notepad at the ready and my pen tapping my chin, "soo, what is the chance of progression in your company? How many grauduates are you taking on?? What are you looking for in an employeeeeee???" All the while poor Scott stands there looking bemused.

Needless to say, I didn't get offered any fantastic jobs, so I'm back to claiming jobseekers today, YIPPEE.

So let's get these horrendous photos out the way.

Whole outfit - Primark

I thought I'd go smart, but with a quirky twist of the knee high socks. I am a bit of a Primark whore, just realised the whole outfit came from there. It's a little skater dress with gold buttons on little fake pockets, I just love skater dresses, I think they are so flattering for my figure.
I love the cardigan too, got it last year and it's a bit Chanelesque. =p Over the knee socks are my winter staple right now, so I had to throw them in with a wee pair of sensible shoes.

As it turns out, all my effort (ha) wasn't worth it but hey, it was worth a try!

Going to get my eyebrows threaded later today so if you've never had it done and are curious about it, make sure you check back tomorrow for my threading post!

~ Lauren ♥


  1. WOW! He's super tall and you're so cute! Haha. That cardigan is delicious! x

  2. Thank you, I love it, just think you can throw it on top of anything and it instantly makes the outfit cute!

    Yeah, there's a bit of a height difference lol! He's about 6"4 and I'm about 5"2! Those heels were about four inches, so there's normally a bigger difference than there was in that photo! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  3. The photo of you and Scott is totally cute, gorgeous outift xxx

  4. Aw thank you Rachel! The photo was from my graduation ball. <3


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