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Sunday 23 October 2011

False Eyelashes: The Cheat's Way to Perfect Application!

I have recently started wearing false eyelashes a lot more often, I used to only wear them for a night out but now I have my secret weapon, I pretty much wear them whenever I step out the house! Today I'm going to show you how to apply false lashes, both the traditional way and the cheat's way! =p

Firstly, there are obviously a wide variety of eyelashes available. Because I wear them a lot, I tend to go for cheaper, 'throw-away' ones. I bought a set of ten off eBay recently for £1 lol. As you can imagine, they're not fantastic quality, but they do the job and hey - I'm on a serious budget right now.

So here's an example of some of the eyelashes on the market:
They look a bit ratty because they're well loved lol!

So the top one is the one I'm going to apply to show you the 'everyday' look with falsies, the middle I'm going to apply to my other eye for more of a dramatic look. I'm not actually a huge fan of the bottom lashes, think I wore them maybe once, they're just too much for me. I like them to look quite natural.

There are also different glues you can get, typically white, black or clear. I hate white glue, my preference is black but I'm going to use the clear glue with my day lashes and black with my night lashes. The clear glue btw is obviously ELF, and the black I got off eBay (maybe not the safest thing ever...)

Day Eyes

I'm going to apply the day eyelashes the traditional way. So first, I apply all my eye make up as normal. Usually it's a good idea to do a slick of eyeliner as this will help the eyelashes to blend in.

So, Step One. Apply your chosen glue to the eyelashes and leave for 20-30 seconds until it becomes tacky.

Step Two. I then carefully hold the lashes and position them right above/behind my real eyelashes so it's they're almost on the lashline. Some people use tweezers for this.

Step Three. Gently lower the falsies so they are sitting on the lashline right behind your real eyelashes. When they're in position, I gently press down on either corner for about ten seconds and then run your finger along the whole lash line, pressing down to make sure it's all secure. If you're not happy with the first time, just peel them off the re-position, the glue should still be sticky enough to let you have one more try!

Step Four (optional). Use eyelash curlers to help blend your real and fake eyelashes, and another coat of mascara if you like.

Ta da! Finito!

So that's the day look and the traditional application. Now I'm gonna show you the night look using the CHEAT'S WAY!

Night Eyes

Here's my night time make up without falsies obv.

Step One. Whip out the magic tool (not as exciting as it sounds)!!

This is my actual lifesaver. It's a serious beauty essential now. I got it from ELF (obv) and it's bascally a false eyelash applicator. It's so easy to use and basically gives perfect results in about thirty seconds lol. So here's how to use it.

Step Two. Put false eyelashes in applicator (just by squeezing one end to open it up and sliding them in). Make sure they're the right way up. Apply glue to the visible lash line. I'm using the black glue because it acts as like an extra eyeliner for night eyes. Remember let it get tacky for about 20-30 seconds.  

Step Three. Basically just line it up so the falsies are touching the eyelid lashline, and hold it there for about ten seconds. Then squeeze the end of the applicator to release the lashes and they should be perfectly in place! You can use your finger to gently press on them to make sure they're on securely.

You can curl or whatever then if you want to blend more.

Honestly, using the eyelash applicator means it takes me about five minutes to do my false eyelashes and I'm good to go. I highly recommend them, and the one I have from ELF is part of a set that includes the applicator, the clear glue, the thickest eyelashes pictured above and a little eyelash stand for only £3.50, available here.

Well, it's been a long post but I hope I've shown you how eyelashes can be worn daytime or nighttime, and the really easy, fool-proof way to apply them! You'll never look back, I promise. ^_~

~ Lauren ♥


  1. I'm so bad at applying fake lashes I've now invested in 3D lash extensions. Perhaps if I bought a lash applicator I may be more successful as I have lots of beautiful false lashes from shu uemura I'd love to wear :) x

  2. I honestly can't recommend it enough! You can get them off eBay for less for £2, might be worth a try after your extensions!

    I've never had lash extensions before, how long do they last? I always worry they'll pull my regular lashes out! :(

    ~ Lauren <3

  3. Need one of those applicators omg, looks so handy!! xx

  4. So useful missy! I've always failed sooo hard at applying falsies :) this might become my new trick ha-ha! Thanks for posting ;) and check out how glammm you look with them on - perfect!


  5. Haha, thank you! I honestly can't rave about it enough, you need to get one girls! I'm amazed they're not more popular! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  6. that Elf aplicator is amazing, i never wear lashes as i could never put them on they fall on straight away, never knew you had to wait a few seconds to make them tacky first. this has inspired me, now need to get some glue :)

  7. Oh no, no wonder they fell off lol! Yup, just set the eyelash in te applicator, glue, wait for 20-30 seconds and then just aim right at your lash line lol! Defo worth the money. Good luck!! ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  8. This is literally the most perfect thing I've ever seen! Thanks so much for your tweet I will be buying this on payday xxx

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  9. Haha, no problem! Glad I could help. =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  10. Omg thank you soo much Iwill be purchasing one of the elf applicators pronto, im rubbish at the traditional way but I might actually be able to apply lashes now :)


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