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Thursday 20 October 2011

Thinking about Threading??

I hate my eyebrows. They are a horrible shape, are blonde, and just don't look like all the celebrities' do. My sister started plucking them for me when I was about sixteen or seventeen,  but I could never keep it up myself and she'd always dispair when she had to start from scratch every time. When she moved out, I either had to face having unruly brows, or do something about it. I decided to try waxing.

I don't mind getting my eyebrows waxed, sure it stings and makes my eyes water like crazy woah, but it looks ok and lasts ok.

But when threading became more widely available, I decided to give it a try. It's basically a Middle Eastern technique where the technician uses strands of thread twisted together to pull out the hairs as they catch between the threads.

Here's a video of when I first got it done (Scott thought it was hysterical and videod it without me knowing!):

I've had it done a few times now, mostly at Superdrug, and here's my summary:

  • It's over really quick, takes ten minutes tops
  • It's cheap! £5 at Superdrug, about £10 in a salon
  • It leaves a lovely shape
  • It lasts about a month

  • Not gonna lie; it hurts!
  • In Superdrug it's always busy and people are always staring
  • You have to help out, pulling the skin this way and that

But overall I feel the benefits of threading win, so here's some photographic evidence. Please bare in mind I have no make up on cause my eyes always water so there was no point!!

WARNING! Hideous photo alert!! These are my eyebrows before threading:
Very furry and ugh. You can see I'm a bit pants at the whole tweezing/tidying thing. Can you believe I went out like this??

I met my friend Heather just before I went in for the threading, and she agreed to take some photos of me during the treatment (thanks! ^_^). Unfortunately Heather is not much of a photographer and all the photos were veeery unflattering. Here's one tho:

Check out the double chin lol!!
This is where I was having to hold the skin taut to make sure the shape stays neat and tidy.

And here's the results!

Right eye:

Before                            After

Left eye:

 Before                                After

What do you think?? When I got home I added a bit of make up so you could see what it looks like normally:

I know my eyebrows seem slightly different shapes, the girl that did my eyebrows today was a new start, but tbh they don't look uneven in real life so I'm happy with them!

What do you think, have you tried threading before? Are you thinking of trying it? Let me know!

~ Lauren 


  1. oh wow! it leaves a really nice finish. I love getting my eyebrows waxed (the end result, not the actual process!!) but i hate being left with bright red eyes for 2 days. I wanted to try this but am really not keen on everyone staring at me!! haha
    Might just go for it next time I'm in town :)

  2. I have to say, I find very little redness with threading, the 'after' pics were taken about ten mins after I had it done and they're not too bad! You -can- get it done in a salon for a bit more money, so you could always try that for your first time!

    ~ Lauren <3

  3. I've just looked at your pics and you don't look red at all! (There's hope for me yet, I look like I've been beat up from the waxing and the bloodshot teary eyes haha)
    Deffo gonna look into it and will be trying it out next time I go into town (My own town centre has way too many monobrows for a beauty therapist to get proper chance at it hahaha)
    p.s I love the £5 price tag!!

  4. Go for it! Let me know how you get on! =p <3

  5. I have mine threaded and only look a little red for about an hour or so. :D My eyes don't water but it makes me sneeze a lot, lol! Your eyebrows looked fine before though Lauren, at least they're pale - mine look like caterpillars if I leave them alone!! xx

  6. Eugh, I can't stand when my eyebrows are messy, it's all I see when I look in the mirror and I get really self conscious! I always feel so much better once I've had them done. ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  7. Oh wow! You have the >exact< same problem as me ha-ha infact my eyebrows are practically your eyebrows twins - except darker because I have black hair - joys! I haaate tweezing them myself I'm usualy good with pain but I end up with my eyes streaming and get so annoyed half way through I dont go back - not a good luck.

    I've also just started going to get mine threaded (This post is so spooky ha-ha) and I absolutely LOVE the results too :) yours look fab hun :) really suit you you can tell it defines your face more which is what a good eyebrow is all about.

    Glad you found a way that worked for you too :) I find if you take a couple of paracetomal or ibuprofen half hour before you go it sometimes helps - oh and don't get it done when you're on or about to come on your period - pain receptors are much higher.

    Ok sorry for the essay :p lovely looking brows!


  8. Haha, love that I have an eyebrow twin!! I'm sooo rubbish at eyebrow upkeep, even when I tried tweezing I'd see my sister and she'd be like, 'Sigh, better get your eyebrows sorted now' and I was like, 'But..but.. I've already done them myself?!' lol. So threading is just soo much easier!

    I love when my eyebrows are done, I do think it makes my whole face look better and I need all the help I can get lol!

    Ooh, good tip with the painkillers, I do that when I get my legs waxed and stuff but for some reason didn't think about it for threading?! And lol - just got my period. Typical!! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  9. Hey Lauren!

    I LOVE threading, however I don't go get my eyebrows threaded, I do it at home! Have you seen my review on the HelixThread ease tool? I have some before and after pictures and if you think yours are bad, you need to see mine! lmbo!

    I love the tool though, it makes threading at home so easy and it doesn't even hurt! I hate tweezing! My nose starts to run, my eyes water, and i sneeze!! But now I can actually keep up with my eyebrows!

    just wanted to share that with you!!

    Oh and I hope you do the 30 day challenge!!

    xoxo, nykki

  10. Oooh, I will defo go check that out! I didn't know you could get 'do-at-home' kits! I'm like that, I look/sound as if I have a massive cold when someone touches my eyebrows lol.

    Will defo be doing the challenge, it looks like a fun way for people to get to know each other! ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3


Please leave me any comments/questions you have! I looove getting feedback and always reply asap. Thanks! ^_^ <3

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