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Friday 14 October 2011

So, did my socks stay up??

Well, I'm happy to report that after my over-the-knee sock-falling-down-dilema has been RESOLVED! Eylure Body Tape seems to have done the job very successfully. It was quite easy to apply, although I actually struggled a wee bit to get the backing off the tape lol. I stuck it about an inch or so down from where I wanted the top of the sock to stay.

The sock stuck to it easily and stayed put! I did some lunges (lol), jumps, bends and apart from that basically just carried on my normal activities. There was no budge from my socks! The only problem I had was that the socks were trying to come down but the tape was pulling it back up, creating a kind of 'pucker'...

The top of the socks also rolled down a little bit, but on the whole it was a lot better than before! Next time I might try to put the tape right up at the top rather than a little bit down.

But, overall, success!!

~ Lauren ♥

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