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Saturday 1 September 2012

Scottish Bloggers Meetup!

On Thursday night, I went to a Scottish Bloggers Meetup in Glasgow. This was only my second social bloggers event, but whereas at the first one I was really nervous beforehand, this time I was just excited! I met up with some girlies beforehand and we all went to Kuta on Bath Street. I'd never been before but it was lovely and CHEAP haha!
I didn't take a single photo (I know, rubbish blogger) so I'm 'borrowing' Karris's! She organised the event and it was fab! There was a great turnout but I didn't get a chance to meet everyone so looking forward to next time!!
I wore a pink tutu skirt, a white blouse and black shoe boots. Wish I'd taken a pic of my outfit, but I didn't, boo. I was one of the hardcore few that stayed til the end even tho I had work the next day - hahah, not fun!
 Lots of lovely bloggers!
Top left: Melissa, Jen, Stacey, Gillian & me!
Bottom left: Rebekah, Gillian, Louise, Gemma & Jenn
Right: Karris, Gill & me!
 Left: me and Gill <3
Top right: Stacey, Gill & I
Bottom right: Paula, Lilith, Stacey, me, Gill, Gillian and Roisin
Top: Sami, Lisa, me and Gill - love these ladies! :)
Bottom: The last ladies standing! <3
Scottish bloggers are SUCH a lovely bunch! If you're looking for new blogs to read check these ladies oooout! Have you been to any blogger meetups or would you like to go?
Let me know!

~ Lauren ♥
The Cosmetics Kitten


  1. Glad you all had a good time! Where is your necklace from by the way?
    I might be joining you all in the future as I'm off to live in Scotland for 4 years! But I will be in Aberdeen and nowhere near Glasgow! Ahh well, haha!

    1. My necklace is from New Look! Sorry for the delayed reply. Aw Aberdeen is a bit of a trek but maybe if you knew in advance you could come down for a few days? =p

      ~ Lauren <3

  2. Looks fab! I am a Glasgow based beauty blogger so this is great and has given me some new local blogs to follow :) x

    1. You should keep an eye on Twitter for meet ups! :)

      ~ Lauren <3

  3. you look so lovely!

    currently having a 100 follower giveaway! x


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