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Saturday 24 November 2012

Event: Neal's Yard Remedies

Beauty Blogger events in Glasgow are like buses - you wait for ages for one and then two happen within 48 hours of each other with another two lined up in the next few weeks! I went to Neal's Yard Remedies on Thursday 15th, and Paul's Hair and Beauty World on Saturday 17th. I'm going to do a separate post for Paul's event (click here for it) so here's the low down on Neal's Yard Remedies Event!

I was invited to an informal evening to be introduced to this brand and have a general look around their store. The staff were so friendly and informative, and I learnt a lot about a brand I had previously little knowledge of. It was a lovely little evening!

NYR are, in a nutshell, an organic skincare and aromatherapy company that specialises in all-over holistic wellbeing. They don't test on animals and use only natural ingredients. What makes them different, to me, is that they offer almost a 'prescription service' - if you go in with a skin/hair/body woe, they can sort you out with a specific product or range of products. They also do therapies such as massages, so you can destress in store! Which is very cool.

I met up with Paula, Lisa and Laura there (click their names to check their blogs) and we enjoyed they prosecco and cheeses (maybe a bit too much haha) and had a general good catch up. We were also all treated to a taster massage - which was very relaxing. :)

Right now NYR is a little out of my budget, but it's definitely a place I'd go to for a special skincare treat. They've also introduced a range of organic cosmetics, which is right up my street! They have a really interested history and there's actually a lot more branches than I realised! You can also shop online here.
They were so generous with their goodybag:
I got a full size Wild Rose Beauty Balm which is an award winning nourishing, exfoliating and cleansing balm (compete with muslin cloth). I can't wait to give this a try! I also received Organic Facial Wipes and two pieces from their new cosmetics range - Mineral Eye Shadow in Silver Birch and an Organic Lip Gloss in Goji Berry.

Top photos: natural light // Bottom photos: with flash
How amazing?! I don't really have a silver eyeshadow so will be making good use of this, and the ladies in store mentioned it also works really well applied wet. The lipgloss looks gorg - little iridescent flecks of pink and gold are in it and it's really nourishing! Thanks, guys! :)
Have you ever tried any NYR products? Do you like reading about events?
Let me know!

~ Lauren ♥
The Cosmetics Kitten


  1. I love Neal's Yard Remedies but don't often have the budget to try them!

    1. The products looked so nice, but it'd be a treat rather than an essential! =p

      ~ Lauren <3

  2. Ahh so jealous of this event! I love Neals Yard so much! The Wild Rose beauty balm is the best!! xx

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  4. Hi,
    Love reading this review!
    Im an independent consultant with Neal's Yard Remedies Organic.
    There's a 20% of sale tomorrow that you may wish to take advantage of.
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  6. I used to be a bit hesitant when it cam to beauty supplies and natural remedies. My niece had a grown on her lip from birth but my brother and his wife just left it... for years. She got into a terrible patch of weeds that the skin on her face had a reaction to and was heavily burned. I kid you not, with some essential oils that I believe were bought from not only did the burn heal up without a trace, the lip growth shrunk into nothingness. I am now officially a believer!


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