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Wednesday 4 January 2012

Glitter Crazy with Models Own!

So I asked for Models Own Pink Fizz for my Christmas, because I have seen so many reviews on it and it seems beeeaaaauuutiful! I was very lucky, because my mum went one step further and bought me a variety of Models Own shades. I hadn't even seen half of them before so it was a lovely present.

They are (l-r) Emerald City, Pink Fizz, Mixed Up, Magenta Divine, Scarlet Sparkle, Juicy Jules and Purple Haze. They are £5 each.

I originally picked five colours and painted each nail a different colour (as shown in my Christmas post too) to try them out:

Clockwise from thumb, I'm wearing Purple Haze, Pink Fizz, Emerald City, Scarlett Sparkle and Juicy Jules

Apologies for my nails. Growing them is my New Year's Resolution (and has been since I was about 12).

I then decided to go for aaaaall green for NYE, because I just think it's so bright and sparkly and unusual. I'm a sucker for stand out nails. I've recently been favouring a ring finger manicure, but for these I'm just going all out GLITTER.

After trying that colour out and falling a little bit in love, I decided to show you all the colours on full hands to get the full effect (even tho the removing process was soul destroying). So here they are - prepare to be dazzled!!

Remember you can CLICK to enlarge!

 Emerald City
(3 coats, right pic is with flash)

Pink Fizz
(3 coats, right pic is with flash and much more true to life)

 Mixed Up
(4 coats, right pic with flash.)
This was veeery gloopy, my index finger smudged and I couldn't face fixing it as you can see. =p Muuuch prettier in real life, it looks like the sparkles are only silver here but they're actually multicoloured.

Magenta Divine
(3 coats, right pic with flash)

Scarlet Sparkle
(2 coats, right pic taken outside)
This was different to the other polishes, it is an actual red nail polish with red glitter bits in it.

Juicy Jules
(2 coats, right pic with flash)
This is sooo sparkly and multicoloured, you can't really see all the colours in these pics.

Violet Haze
(3 coats, right pic taken outside)

All nail polishes were finished with Seche Vite Top Coat.

There was a difference in the consistency in some of the polishes, most were just pure glitter (like Pink Fizz), Scarlett Sparkles was coloured with glitter in  and Mixed Up was so pretty but such a thick, gloopy consistency! :(

One coat of Violet Haze compared to one coat of Scarlet Sparkles

Also want to show you my new ring:

Cute huuuuh??

Which is your favourite? I honestly just love them all. And seriously, the camera just doesn't do them justice, they are even more sparkly in real life! Are you thinking of trying any?
Let me know!

~ Lauren


  1. ah i love my pink fizz! i didn't realise they did a green version- i'm in love!

  2. It's gorg isn't it?? I wasn't too sure when I saw it in the bottle, but I loooove it on! I actually genuinely love all of them. Got juicy jules on just now and can't stop looking at my nails lol! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  3. I love emerald city! And the combination of your glittery nails and your sequined dress is so pretty. I adore Models Own nail polishes. They are such good quality for the money, but the smell gives me a headache boo! Still wont put me off! Lx

  4. new follower here :)

    pink fizz and juicy jules look awesome! love the dress!!!! *_* colour looks amazing!


  5. @Lauren Alice - Emerald City is sooo nice, actual love it. I didn't notice the smell! But maybe that's cause I think Seche Vite smells so strong, everything else is fine in comparison lol. =p

    @Gina - Hi! Thanks for following. ^_^ Those two colours are so pretty, I'm wearing Juicy Jules just now.

    ~ Lauren <3

  6. Emerald City is so pretty! Models Own glitter polishes really pack in the glitter. :)x

  7. Wow you're so dedicated to show how all these look on the nails! I have pink fizz and it takes me a full half an hour to remove it! Gorgeous colours, I'm tempted to try a few more now xx

  8. @Sarirah - They defo do! And because of that, it actually doesn't take too many coats to make them opaque, just 2-3. My Barry M glitter polishes I was at all day! Like 6 coats! =/

    @Elissa - Haha, I'm baaaad, I tend to just peel mine off. They actually come off pretty easy for me but I know that can cause damage to your nails!

    ~ Lauren <3

  9. How gorgeous are they all! So much glitter, I need them all.

  10. I've never tried any Model's Own polishes, but they look great! I love the Emerald City color. Oh, and your ring is fabulous! :)

    xx Jessica

  11. @Lucy - They;re so distracting lol. Everytime the light catches my nails, I sit and stare at them for ages!! =p

    @Jessica - Oh you defo should, in fact as far as I can tell you can buy a set of six glitter Models Own polishes (not these shades) for £20 right now on their website! Bargain. ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  12. @Steph - I actually never have any problem removing these glitter polishes! I'm a big cheat and peel them off, they usually come off in a one-y! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  13. Oooh i have juicy jules and i just love it! Thinking of getting Emerald City next :)
    Thanks for following sweet, i've just done your little poll thing so i hope i helped!


Please leave me any comments/questions you have! I looove getting feedback and always reply asap. Thanks! ^_^ <3

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