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Wednesday 12 October 2011

Oops, there goes my budget..!

So I had to go into Glasgow today to get a new Disclosure form to work with kiddies (for this pleasure I had to fork out £70). My meeting was at nine, but I got there about quarter to so had to sit twiddling my thumbs a wee bit. Then the 'meeting' constisted of handing me a form to fill out and taking my bank details - I was out by 9.05!!

So, being skinto just now due to the lack of job, I thought 'Wait a second, I got up at seven this morning and paid £5.30 on a train fare to get in here, I'm going to ENJOY being in Glasgow!!' rather than do the sensible thing of just going home.

So, I sort of accidentally wandered into Primark. I needed a sports bra because I have recently started going to the gym, so this seemed like a good idea. Somehow I got 'lost' and ended up at the shoes...

Thought these would be perfect for going out for drinks in the run up to Christmas! The heel is what sold me on them, I love a bit of bling and they were only £16! Happy. :)

I also bought a pair of knee high socks (a trend I'm loving but struggling with because they never stay up!!) so here's me with the shoes & socks combo...

From the front, back and side! Sorry about my horrendous posture and the fact I still have the tags on the shoes. =p

I also bought a wee pair of black glittery flatties but for some reason I bought a 5 when I'm a size 4, soooo they're going back.

And the moral of the story is, don't try and 'justify' your train fare by spending more time at the shops as you've already spent money, nothing good can come of it when you are mega skint. Except a nice pair of boots, obv.

~ Lauren 

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