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Tuesday 25 October 2011

Blog GIVEAWAY, Challenge - Day 2, Wee update!!

Ok, so this is just gonna be a wee quicky/random post, so bare with me pleeease! Firstly, HAPPY TUESDAY! I love Tuesdays, because I have two zumba classes and a Thai boxing class on, which are all awesome fun (maybe not as much the boxing but I know it's good for me!). It's also Heat and More! Magazine day, which is pretty much the highlight of my week. Tragic. So anyways...

My 30 Day Challenge (click to see original post)
Day 02 – The meaning behind your Blog name

This is really easy for me to answer because I already covered it on my first post! If you click here, you can find out why I called my blog Cosmetics, Kittens & Classrooms. Although to be honest, you don't exactly have to be a rocket scientist to work it out. =p

A photo of Max and Dana as kittens to give a big clue lol!

Moving on! You might remember I am currently an unemployed primary teacher. Well, I got a call today from the supply list I'm on asking if I can work tomorrow and Thursday morning. You get the school name and that's it, it could be any size of class, any age from 4-12 basically, a mixed class, there could be work left but there might not be etc etc. It makes me feel physically sick doing supply, I hate it. But tomorrow's only gonna be my fourth days work since August, so I gotta just go for it. Wish me luck!! :( :( :(

The last thing on the agenda today is me being SUPER excited because I started my blog exactly two weeks ago today and I'm nearly at 50 followers! So to celebrate, once I reach 50, I will do a little blog giveaway. Obviously this is my first time doing this so I'm exciiiited! Thanks for all your support guys!!

~ Lauren ♥


  1. Good luck with the teaching! At least it's not senior school - you don't get crucified half as much at primary ;) xx

  2. Well done on the followers!

    Good luck for tomorrow and Thursday, although I'm sure you'll be fine. Must be horrible going into the unknown like that though.


  3. Omg, there's actual no way I could teach high school, the older stages of primary are bad enough!!

    I'm just soo nervous, feel so out of touch with it and I hate the unexpected! I'll no doubt blog on how I got on. =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  4. I love your blog! haha and i want to go into teaching :D

  5. Thank you! Go for it, teaching is awesome, there's just ZERO jobs where I am so it's really hard going. :(

    ~ Lauren <3


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