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Friday 14 October 2011

Uh ohhhhh..! The catalogue of temptation has arrived!

Ok, so I'm unemployed. I have basically no money and no expectation of money coming in. But because I've been used to having a full time wage, my little brain struggles to wrap itself round this concept and keeps persuading me to buy things!! So I'm really gonna try hard to keep my spending under control. And I thought I could probably manage ok, until my mum handed me the Catalogue of Tempation this morning...

And even more importantly...

Yup, the 3 for 2 sale is on with Christmas stock in and I am officially screwed.

However, after the first few pages of delights on every page, I realised that I actually am more sensible than I give myself credit for, and out of all the wonderful goodies on offer, I managed to whittle down my wish list to just a few (right now).

Marc Jacobs Daisy, simply because I love this perfume and I think this is a really good price for 75ml! I still have about a quarter bottle left currently tho, so I might be able to hold off and ask for this for Christmas, tee hee.

My heart actually skipped a little beat when I saw this Frontcover set. I got a Frontcover 'book' last Christmas and I loved the colours and quality, so I'm a fan of this brand already, but a nail design set?! Heaven. I love messing about with my nails, creating deisgns, using bright colours, getting minx or shellac done, so this looks like a LOT of fun for me.

Now this presented a problem for me - I love Too Faced and I love smoky eyes... but I also love pinks and purples because they make my eyes greener. So I don't know which set to go for?? They both look amazing. Decisions, decisions.

The only part of the Catalogue of Temptation which disappointed me was the Soap & Glory section, there wasn't much to it and the gift sets just didn't ecxite me. Hopefully the new make up collection will!

Well, I don't think I did too bad considering what I was faced with. I might buy myself one of the above, and save the rest for Christmas time! We'll see!

~ Lauren ♥

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