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Saturday 22 October 2011

OOTD - Would you rock white tights??

Hellooo. Yesterday me and two of my best friends felt like a catch up (even though we see each other at least once a week!) and decided to go for lunch and drinks. Now, baring in mind me and one of my friends, let's call her Ben - because that is actually what we call her - are unemployed, we wanted to to be a reasonaly cheap day/evening. We settled on November Cafe in Glasgow for lunch and a couple of cocktails to start.

November is a really pretty, chic place to have a drink, it's in a more upmarket area of Glasgow and I really like having a few cocktails there. BUT we were on a budget so after a two course lunch and a couple of French martinis...

... it was off to Wetherspoons lol.

We don't really frequent Wetherspoons that often but I'd seen an advertisement of cocktail pitchers for a fiver. A fiver?! SOLD. But when we got there, it was suddenly two for £14..? Hmm. So we got four pitchers and whiled away a few hours chatting! Lovely.

So what did I wear? Well, it was cold and wintery, so I decided to play on that and dusted off my white tights. Now I know they're not everyone's cup of tea; they're not overly flattering, they really stand out and they can make you look about six, but I love them!

Forever 21 dress I got in New York
Red belt from Primark
White tights from Primark
Boots from Primark

Sorry the pictures, again, are poor quality. For some reason I thought it would be a fantastic idea to wait until I got home to take the photos, and it probably wasn't my best plan ever. So they're a bit blurry as  I  the camera was struggling to focus, and the lighting is all wack because it was nighttime so I had to put on my spotlight on my ceiling which cause crazy shadows.

But! Anyways. What do you think about white tights? Have you worn them before? If not, is it a look you'd try? Let me know!

~ Lauren ♥


  1. I can't say I've ever worn white tights but they do look lovely on you & look great with the shoes :)

  2. Thank you! I love experimenting with fashion, I think tights and socks will be my thing this winter! They're cute -and- cosy lol. =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  3. Aww I really love your outfit! The white tights look great. I may even buy some myself. Like the sound of the November cocktail bar. Me & my BF are planning a trip to Glasgow so I'd love to visit it. xx

  4. Thank you!! Oh, when are you isiting Glasgow? Have you been before? ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  5. & yes, Im hoping to buy some this weekend=))there super cute..especially with boots.xoxo

  6. Oh awesome, make sure you post some pictures! ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3


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