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Friday 14 October 2011

Wee quicky for my sticky problem!

Ok, I love wearing knee high or over the knee socks, I have a lot of floaty dresses  and I think they look great with them (see this post for an example). My problem is that my socks never stay up more than five minutes, they're always around my ankles as soon as I move an inch! So I either have to strand like a statue, move like a robot, or find a solution!

So, I posted a comment on More! Magazine's Facebook wall asking for help, and the lovely ladies there suggested some fashion tape. So I checked out Amazon and ordered one with good reviews (although none seemed to mention being used for socks!!) and it arrived ten minutes ago:

Yes, it's 'body tape' but I'm hoping it will do the same job.

This is what's inside:

12 x curved pieces and 15 x straight pieces. Not really sure which will be better, but hopefully one of them will work! I'm going to try use them just now and will update later on my progress. Fingers crossed this fixes my slouchy sock problem!!

~ Lauren ♥

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