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Saturday 19 November 2011

Andrea Fulerton 'Kylie' - my new love!!

I had great intentions of doing a big post today on some lovely bargainous clothes that I bought, but I got all dressed up and ready, turned on my camera, and - wait a second? Oh, that's right, my camera battery was dead. So I stuck it in to charge but by the time that had happened I lost all natural light. So, tomorrow it is...

But I just have to blog about this, real quick, because I have fallen in love. Actual LOVE. With a nail varnish. Specifically, this nail varnish:

It's Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Colour in 'Kylie'. Basically it's a silvery irredescent colour, with a mainly purpley-pinky glittery shimmer to it (I know that doesn't actually make any sense at all). Let's put it this way - it's gorgeous. It retails for about £5 in Superdrug, along with a selection of other awesome Andrea Fulerton products (I have also purchased the puff glitter).

I wasn't sure what to expect when I bought it, I didn't know whether it'd work as a solid colour or as a top coat. I initially tried it by layering it over a Barry M colour (see this post) and straight away, I knew it was something pretty special. It basically just seems to make the base colour glittery and even more beautiful! It dries smooth though, no uneven, bumpy glitter.

I wanted to try it out on different colours, so I decided to pick a variety:

From left to right: Victoria & Albert, Warwick Avenue, Kylie, Lanesborough Place and Haymarket.

So I did each finger on my hand a different colour, with my middle finger Kylie on its own to see how that would work.

The result was sooo beautiful that I took pics before I had even tidied up all my nails (I always make a bit of a mess because my nails are so short right now, sadface). So, apologies for the mess! And also - the camera does NOT do these justice! In reality, they are so shimmery and gorg!

Apologies for my ugly, short, messy thumb nail. Makes me sad just looking at it. But I just wanted to show how shiiiimmery it is!!

You can't really see in the photos but they look like solid glitter, yet they are so smooth. Although I think this works with every colour, I really love it with the red because it's so festive. It works really well by itself too (middle finger).

If you're looking for a glitter varnish (eg like The Muppets OPI Collection) but without the hefty price tag or having to buy every individual colour, Andrea Fulerton in Kylie is definitely worth a buy!
What do you think of it??

~ Lauren


  1. Gorgeous colours! x

  2. I am LOVING glitter at the moment so this post got me all excited haha I think all the colours are gooorgeous especially love the pastely ones - the blues/gold/pinky shot - beautiful!


  3. I'm sooo gutted that they didn't turn out better on camera, because I literally can't stop looking at my nails right now! Think I might add in a photo of before I added Kylie so you can see the colour difference. =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  4. thanks for your comment lovely! no i don't have those HD Brows. for those photos i just went OTT with some black shadow, haha. and yeah Glasgow FTW, don't know many glasgow girls on here! :p x x x x

  5. Argh, I'm jealous, my eyebrows are too blondey to make any impact and I'm scared of going darker!

    I know, bloggers always seem to be lucky and live right near London lol! Nice to know I'm not alone up here! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  6. Gorgeous colours! Can't wait to get my acrylics off and try out some glittery nail polish, they're so christmassy!

    Georgie <3

  7. Well I'd 100% recommend you try this to add some shimmer to any colour you already have, and to use on its own! ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  8. all I can say is ooooooooooh ahhhhhhhhh. im straight to superdrug as Ive been eyeing up the Andrea Fullerton collection for a while as i always hear great things and see great swatches!

  9. It really is awesome, I'd been eyeing it up to but cause it's on 3 for 2 I decided now was the moment to buy lol! =p

    ~ Lauren <3


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