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Monday 14 November 2011

Haul: Part One - Lush/Superdrug/Boots

If your name is Heather Ryce, don't read this blog post!! Your (delayed) birthday present may or may not be shown below.. =p

So I went shopping today, with the £100 Debenhams giftcard that my sister very kindly sent me. I was all excited because it's 'mega day' which means 10%-40% off throughout the store which would obv make my giftcard go even further! Except, of course, I got my dates mixed up and megaday doesn't even start until Wednesday. Joy.

I am not a very good present shopper, I tend to get distracted by stuff I want for myself. Does that sound selfish? Maybe it is, but I'm just so easy to shop for!! =p

I bought faaaar too much so going to have to split this into two posts so you don't die of boredom. This post will look at my Lush, Superdrug and Boots buys.

My first stop was Lush, it's not somewhere I usually shop but I've heard so many good things so I went in to make some purchases.

What do you think?? I'm keeping almost none of it actually, it's all going away as presents. I heard lots of good things about Snow Fairy, so I got the wee size and the matching lipbalm. Also heard It's Raining Men was delicious smelling, so splashed out on a big one of that! The solid perfume was a last minute buy, the sales girl convinced me. I'm keeping this, gonna try using it instead of my regular perfume for a bit. The Silk Stockings is pretty awesome, it's a body balm/leg shimmer, I'm a bit gutted I'm giving this one away!!

Next stop was Superdrug!

The Aussie shampoo & conditioner were on BOGOF and I'm a recent convert so I stocked up! I also love Original Source shower gel, I've only tried the lemon and the limes ones tho so I decided to branch out. They smell delish - exactly as they say on the label! Can't wait to try them.

Got a bit excited about the 3 for 2 on cosmetics and bought some of the Andrea Fulerton products I've been coveting recently. The one with glitter is Georgia's Glitter Duo and comes with gold glitter, silver glitter and a topcoat. The Andrea Fulerton nail varnish is Kyle and is a purpley silver colour, can't wait to try it!

The Sleek Pout Paint I bought because I saw a review on it and liked the look of it! Review to follow.

The Barry M nail paint I didn't buy, but my mum just gave me to because she didn't like the colour (?!) so it's miiine now! It's a shade called Orchid.

I then visited TKMaxx and Boots, and picked up some awesome make up sets as presents:

The Front Cover Packing Case set is just gorgeous, as you can see in the bottom pic it has four eyeshadows, four cheek colours, pressed powder, mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss, tweezers and brushes. I love it! The ELF kit I got in TKMaxx (who knew?) but I can't open it to show you inside because it's a gift. ELF stuff is great so I know the recpient will love it!

I also got this Nails Inc set in TK Maxx, it has a greyish blue, an electric blue and a silvery glitter colour. Also a gift. Gutted. Maybe I did do better at gift buying than I thought!!

 I also have Primark and Urban Decay goodies to show you! And of course I'll have to review some of these products so keep your eyes peeled for that.

And a quick pic of my NOTD - sadly I've lost my battle with nail biting so they're all little stumps. :(

(They're a few days old so a little chipped)

What do you think of part one of my haul? What's your favourite? Have you tried any before? Let me know!

~ Lauren


  1. Those ladybird nails are sooo cute! I've just got a new nail are pen, so I'll be having a go at those :)
    Can't wait to see what you got from Urban Decay! :D xo

  2. You are exactly like me lol, i'm sooo easy to buy for too :p hehe. You're purchases look lovely :) Those ladybird nails are soooo cute, eventhough i'm terrfied of ladybirds i shall have to give these a go xoxo

  3. I love the shower gels, the raspberry was in my faves! Snow fairy ;) another love!
    Lucy x

  4. LOVE the Lush stuff, so gutting you'll have to give them away :'( haha Christmas is great but sometimes when you buy something amazing you just want to selfishly keep it all yourself! ;)
    That Chocolate & Mint shower gel sounds AMAZING, that's my favourite ice cream flavour so i bet that will make me hungry!! haha

  5. Ahh snow fairy is lovely, i keep meaning to pop into Lush and get some now it's back :) Also i never knew you could get really great makeup stuff in TK Maxx, i shall definitely have to go and look in the one where i live for gifts and things :) xxx

  6. Woww I always get super distracted shopping for other people too "oh my boyfriend would like this AHHH WOW LEATHER LEGGINGS =OOO" ha-ha. Love the lush goodies and omg the ladybird nails are soooo cute!


  7. @CelesteCohen Ladybugs are super easy! I didn't even use a nail pen. I'm growing my nails so I can have a full family lol!

    @Tiffeny Aw, you're scared of ladybirds? That's so random! =p It's so hard not to buy stuff for me!!

    @LucyyLou, was it maybe your blog I saw the Original Source stuff on then?? I read it somewhere and wanted to give it a try myself!!

    @Angie, the mint chocolate smells EXACTLY like mint chocolate lol! Not actually sure whether it's a good idea, might make me huuungry!!

    @Kla, yeah you can get ELF, Model Co, Nails Inc, Stila, CK, NYX etc! It's worth a wee look. ^_^

    @Sarah hahahha, I am exactly the same. It's so hard!! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  8. I've given you an award. Check it out:

  9. @Chloe thank you! ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  10. Amazing nails! and the leg shiny stuff looks like an amazing idea. Hadn't heard of it before! Nothing wrong with a good splurge on yourself!!

  11. You got some lovely stuff, I'm a big lush fan and I'm loving those lady bird nails too. Glad to see a fellow teacher blogging x

  12. @Belle I know, it looks amazing! I always use balm on my legs before I go out, right now I'm using Urban Decay but it's nearly finished so I'm tempted by the Lush version for myself!!

    @Knight'sEclectic Haha, yeah, I think us teachers need a bit of escapism sometimes!

    ~ Lauren <3

  13. Im really intrigued by the Lush silk stocking shimmer, do you just rub it on? May have to go and try some of this... :) x

  14. Yeah, it's really cool, basically you just rub it on where you want some subtle shimmer (I usually do the centre of my legs). It's moisturising and waterproof too. There was a darker shade that gave you a wash off tan as well! It was about £7. ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  15. I love your nails! This painting is so cute *

  16. You literally just rub it on! And it leaves behind a gorgeous shimmer. ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3


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