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Wednesday 16 November 2011

Haul: Part Two - Urban Decay

As I mentioned in my last post, I enjoyed a little shopping day to spend my £100 Debenhams card my sister got me! Turns out the sale wasn't on, but the kindly MUA at the Urban Decay counter took pity on poor befuddled me clutching my little gift card and put through the 10% 'friends and family' discount.

And so... I finally got...

The NAKED Palette (£35)!!

Isn't it beautiful?? Now I know every man and his dog has reviewed this palette, so I won't go into squeals of excitement about it. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves:

Natural light:
 With flash:

They are just gorgeous. My favourites on initial impressions are Sin, Sidecar and Half Baked (I'm a sucker for shimmer!). Cannot actual WAIT to try them out properly!!

It obviously came with the Primer Potion:

It's creamy and cool on my skin, I've not tried it under eyeshadows yet but I've used Too Faced primer potions before and really liked them so I'm sure this will be just as good!

I also bought my liquid liner (£14) that I always use, but they've changed the packaging so it's not as cute. :(

The top photo is what it used to look like, and the bottom is what it looks like now. Don't know how I feel about it, I feel like I have lost a friend (I need a life)!! This eyeliner is the best I have ever used though, the shade is Perversion and it is jet black and applied so smoothly and really does last all day!

Because I think the MUA felt so sorry for me and my pityful face, she threw in two freebies!

Samples of Supercurl Curling Mascara (full size £15) and Stardust Eyeshadow in Retrograde (regularly £15). 

The mascara has a lovely curly wand but unfortunately the last thing I need is more curl to my natural eyelashes! I'll give it a wee try anyways.

Without flash on the left, with on the right. The eyeshadow is a lovely shimmery purple/taupe colour and is highly pigmented. I love a purple eyeshadow as it makes my eyes look greener, but I have a feeling this might be just a little too dark for me.

Well, hope you enjoyed my little Urban Decay haul! I'm super happy with it, obviously in particular with the Naked Palette. If I'm not the last person to purchase this and you haven't either, add it to your Christmas list!!

And to finish, my NOTD:

I've bitten all my poor, poor nails so I'm trying new things to encourage me to give them a break lol! I used Barry M in Orchid, Andrea Fulerton in Kylie and Andrea Fulerton Georgia's glitter - all my purchases from my last post.

Haha, there's glitter everywhere here! I hadn't cleaned up very well when I took this pic. I used the Barry M on every nail, and then Kylie on top of my ring finger. I am in the early stages of LOVE with Kylie, I'm going to try it over different colours and alone and see if it's as amazing as I think it might be!

I added glitter tips onto the nails I could. The Andrea Fulerton glitter is a little puffer, so you just squeeze it at the area you'd like the glitter to go onto and it blows straight onto it! So easy to use. The set comes with a top coat to secure the glitter.

I think it's a super cute, simple look. Hopefully the glitter will stop me nibbling!!

What did you think of my Urban Decay haul? Have you got Naked? Have you tried the mascara, eyeliner or stardust? Let me know!!

~ Lauren


  1. I haven't got the Naked palette (yet :D) it looks lovely though. They really are colours you can wear everyday.. <3

  2. Omg, the colours are gorgeous. I'd heard so many good things about it but was still so nervous... When I started my swatches tho I was literally squealing with joy! Not had the chance for a proper 'getting to know you' session yet, can't wait lol! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  3. Oh woww I'm very jel! Can't wait to see you use this in future posts :) and those nails are just beautts!


  4. Thank you! Aw, I love it. So pretty. Almost scared to use it! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  5. I love it! I think I might put the Naked palette on my Christmas wish list... xx

  6. i really want the Naked Pallette, been around for yonks but never got it. but i need it now!

  7. Love the post- the naked palette pics won't load in mh phone which is gutting because I really wanted to see that! All looks fab thou. And well done with the freebies
    Jenna @

  8. Sorry for the delayed replies! Haven't been feeling too good. =/

    @Fiona & Laura - you need to get it! I was the same, just lusting for it, but I'm so happy it's finally mine! Remember it's 10% off in Debenhams just now so only £31.50. =p

    @Jenna, They won't load?? I'm gutted about that! What phone are you using? :(

    ~ Lauren <3

  9. Just found you through another blog. I've wanted the naked palette for so long but I can't convince myself to buy it! gorgeous colors!

  10. Thanks for commenting, Cierra Jasmine! Maybe you could put it on a Christmas wishlist? I've still not actually used mine yet, too scared lol! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  11. Gahh, I love it. Wish I could afford that palette. Haha. Jealous much. I'd ask for it for christmas but nobody in my family would pay that. Haha. Plus I've just asked for money to help pay the bills :')

  12. I'm the same, my family don't really understand my make up obsession! I only bought it cause my sister got my a Debenhams gift card, otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford it. You should try MUA Heaven and Earth palette, it's £4 and meant to be an awesome dupe!

    ~ Lauren <3


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